Next up – Music for some great short films!


Rehearsals begin this coming Monday for our next show, The Distance Between. We’re preparing music for several short films by faculty, students and graduates of Ryerson University’s Image Arts Program, shot in Iceland, New Zealand and France. The filmmakers are Alicia Harris, Pierre Tremblay, Gerda Cammaer, Liz Gibson-DeGroote, and the work of other students and faculty is included in a longer compilation movie. We’re preparing the music for these. Also on the program is music written for us by Marco’s composer/musician brother Andrea Cera, to accompany a film by their friend Gabriele Grotto. Should be a really fun and interesting evening, and we’re looking forward to it.

Thanks go to Giorgia Pellizzari for the beautiful poster and flyers she has designed for this show!

Hope you’ll join us on May 16 at 8 pm, at the theatre of Innis Town Hall (Innis College, University of Toronto). Tickets available in advance at

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