‘In truth it’s not how far afield we’re taken by Uncharted Waters that reflects Ensemble Polaris’ particular genius. It’s how the group leads us to re-discover what we’ve loved all along — a heartbreaking melody, a snappy dance beat — in the guise of some unexpected form.’ Peter Goddard, The Toronto Star 


Welcome to the online home for Ensemble Polaris. We’ve been called ‘Arctic fusion’…’an exhilarating fusion of world, classical and folk’…’Bonkers but brilliant!’ Based in Toronto, we create music using a wide range of sounds, influences and processes. Check out the tracks on our Music page, watch a video or two, and find out more about us.

If you’re interested in accessing our music in CD or downloaded form, you’ll find purchase and download links on our CDs page. To keep posted on our upcoming shows, recordings and other news, follow our blog here, follow us on Facebook, or write to us at ensemblepolaris@gmail.com and we’ll keep you in the loop.

If you have any comments, questions or other feedback for us, or you’re interested in booking the band, write to  ensemblepolaris@gmail.com.

 Band photo: Paul Orenstein

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