Polaris in BedfordNS#1-Sepehr Rassi Polaris in BedfordNS#2 - Sepehr Rassi

Above: two shots by Sepehr Rassi taken during and after our show in Bedford, NS in August 2015.

Below: the band after an informal waterfront show in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, August 2015. Photo by Harold Feiertag.


Band Photo, 3 MB (photo: Paul Orenstein)


Band photo, 336 KB


Thanks go to Gerda Cammaer for these video screen shots of The Distance Between (May 16/15) at Innis Town Hall, Toronto.

In rehearsal for Nutcracker Nouveau, at Toronto’s Heliconian Hall (Photos by Paul Orenstein):


Recording Uncharted Waters, Canterbury Sound, summer 2011.


Nutcracker recording sessions, Canterbury Sound, May 2013, in which you finally find out what a ‘mirliton’ really is.

Polaris performance, April 2013…photos by Daniela Mühling

Lunchtime show at the Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre, Toronto


Show in Guelph, ON

Polaris in Guelph

The ‘Random Images’ gallery

Panorama shots (new camera, channeling Salvador Dali) of a school show warmup

And the show – some of the students joined us for a couple of tunes.

Polaris with Q-small

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