Our new CD Nutcracker Nouveau is here!

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A big THANK YOU to the following people who helped make this a reality through their generous donations.

Anonymous (2), Gary Armstrong, Sandra Anderson, Terry Bryk, Eric Cadesky, Margaret Carroll, Ann Elizabeth Carson, Alistair and Margaret Cunningham, G.B. & Maria Cera, Vittoria, Marie and Matteo Cera, Kirk Dale, Alexandra Edsall, Mary-Katherine Finch, Christine & Ian Fleming, Al Forest, Fred and Ursula Franklin, Ian & Hannah Gay, Harry Lane, Kathleen McMorrow, Christopher Palin, Ruth Pincoe, Ron Searles, Alan Teder, John Wall

'What do a hurdy gurdy, a bass clarinet, a set of bagpipes, and Norwegian lyrics add up to? A rocking good time is the answer.'

Audience member's blog, Middleton, NS

Ensemble Polaris is a unique group founded to explore the 'idea of North' in music. Group members are expert performers from a variety of musical traditions and backgrounds. The resulting music has an eclectic palette of musical influences, colours, and techniques - early, folk, Klezmer, Hot Club of Paris, middle Eastern and southeast Asian, traditional Scandinavian, Celtic, Cape Breton, eastern European, classical, improvisatory, and avant-garde. It defies classification!

Ensemble Polaris

Kirk Elliott, accordion, harp, bagpipes, violin, psaltery, etc.; Ben Grossman, hurdy gurdy; Jeff Wilson, percussion, saw; Alison Melville, flutes, recorders, seljefløyte; Colin Savage, clarinet, bass clarinet, recorders; Debashis Sinha, percussion; Marco Cera, guitar; Margaret Gay, 'cello; Katherine Hill, voice, violin, nyckelharpa.

Photo Credit: Paul Orenstein