Our new CD Nutcracker Nouveau is here!

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A big THANK YOU to the following people who helped make this a reality through their generous donations.

Anonymous (2), Gary Armstrong, Sandra Anderson, Terry Bryk, Eric Cadesky, Margaret Carroll, Ann Elizabeth Carson, Alistair and Margaret Cunningham, G.B. & Maria Cera, Vittoria, Marie and Matteo Cera, Kirk Dale, Alexandra Edsall, Mary-Katherine Finch, Christine & Ian Fleming, Al Forest, Fred and Ursula Franklin, Ian & Hannah Gay, Harry Lane, Kathleen McMorrow, Christopher Palin, Ruth Pincoe, Ron Searles, Alan Teder, John Wall

Ensemble Polaris gratefully acknowledges the Ontario Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, and the Toronto Arts Council for their support of our Toronto concerts, and the Canada Council for the Arts and Ontario Arts Council Touring Offices for their support of our August 2015 Maritime tour.

'What do a hurdy gurdy, a bass clarinet, a set of bagpipes, and Norwegian lyrics add up to? A rocking good time is the answer.'

Audience member's blog, Middleton, NS

Ensemble Polaris is a unique group founded to explore the 'idea of North' in music. Group members are expert performers from a variety of musical traditions and backgrounds. The resulting music has an eclectic palette of musical influences, colours, and techniques - early, folk, Klezmer, Hot Club of Paris, middle Eastern and southeast Asian, traditional Scandinavian, Celtic, Cape Breton, eastern European, classical, improvisatory, and avant-garde. It defies classification!

Ensemble Polaris

Kirk Elliott, accordion, harp, bagpipes, violin, psaltery, etc.; Ben Grossman, hurdy gurdy; Jeff Wilson, percussion, saw; Alison Melville, flutes, recorders, seljefløyte; Colin Savage, clarinet, bass clarinet, recorders; Debashis Sinha, percussion; Marco Cera, guitar; Margaret Gay, 'cello; Katherine Hill, voice, violin, nyckelharpa.

Photo Credit: Paul Orenstein